For this thanksgiving, Hot N Spicy Comedy teams up with membership-only private CLUB ZFU LKF for a night of hilarity, sing-your-heart-out rare access in this beautiful venue. Seriously, we are thankful for everything we have and learnt for the past year. Come join us for this ONE NIGHT ONLY event for a guaranteed good time 😉

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Live Shows.

Thursday Night Funnies
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 2 9pm

Dragon Boat Comedy
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 3 9pm

Open Mic Hosting
@ Bar 109
June 6 8.30pm

Bitched in Stitches
@ SipSip Rooftop
June 9 8pm

Friday Night Comedy
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 10 9pm

Tai Po Comedy Night
@ Tai Po Arts Center
June 11 8pm

Hot N Spicy Summer Show
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 16 8pm

Saturday Night Funnies
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 18 9pm

Friday Night Funnies
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 24 9pm

Saturday Night Funnies
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 25 9pm

Thursday Night Funnies
@ TakeOut Comedy
June 30 9pm



Bianca is a multi-award winning actress, a beloved children books author, a yacht captain, a PhD holder for neurosurgery, winner of Miss Universe 2017, winner of Strongman burger eating competition in Czech Republic, and a comedian.

She started her comedy journey on the streets of New York City, where she sold bootleg DVDs to pay for her tuition. Just like a shady magician, she started from the bottom and now she’s... strolling. Once she was selling Trada bags in front of a famous comedy club where Jim Gaffigan was supposed to show up, but bailed out last minute. The booker asked if she wanted to fill the spot, she asked "how much?" And the rest is history.

Actually as of now, the only titles she really holds are comedian, actress and producer.


For bookings and enquiries, contact:

Location: Hong Kong